A Brief History of the Normanby Educational Charity

October 18, 2012 by Steve Harvey

Around this time each year you will see a notice in the Signpost about the Normanby Educational Charity. Following several enquiries about its origins and terms the Trustees thought it might be of interest to others to provide a short history.

In 1777 the vicar’s wife Mrs. Mary Dunn endowed £200 15s for the education of the poor children of Normanby-by-Spital. The money was used to purchase thirteen acres of land at Middle Rasen and the rent was used to pay for a teacher and a school and house were built down Private Lane to the north of The Dell. These were made redundant when the Education Act of 1877 provided funds, for the Authority, to build schools and so the school on the main road was built. A benefactor’s plaque dedicated to Mrs. Dunn, outlining her bequest to the children of Normanby, can be found in the church over the archway leading into the Bell Tower.

With the improved education the workers in the village were eventually better educated than the farmers and in 1878 went on strike for increased wages from 2shillings and 6pennies (equivalent to 12½p today) to 3shillings per day (equivalent to 15p today) and half an hour shorter working day (6am to 5pm). This strike was called the Normanby Lock Out and was held on Owmby Lane . The strike, which was successful, was one of the first strikes to be held in the country.

Today, the Charity still has the field at Middle Rasen and the rent is distributed between the children of the village just before Christmas. The Normanby Educational Charity is registered with the Charity Commission and the Trustees are bound by the terms of the bequest which restricted the use of the fund for the children resident in Normanby by Spital only.

This fund is not means tested so if your child is residence in Normanby-by-Spital and is in full time education and aged up to 25 years he/she is eligible. Further details of how to apply are in your November copy of Signpost.

Ken Green
Chairperson Normanby Educational Charity

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